Mental Health Care for the Whole Family

Psychotherapy for Children

Psychotherapy for Children

Psychotherapy for Children


Our diverse team consists of a variety of mental health treatment providers for children. We use games, books, art, music and the power of play to impact children through their own medium. Integrating child development expertise with family systems therapy we can help bring harmony back into your home.  We are experts in trauma informed care.  

Psychotherapy for Teens

Psychotherapy for Children

Psychotherapy for Children


Being a teen is hard! Parenting a teen is hard! We use science based interventions with a warm, friendly approach to bring harmony and mental health back to your teen and your family. Each of mental health team brings their own expertise. We have a dually Licensed certified substance abuse  counselor, DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) trained social worker, music and art therapist, and mind/body integration therapist just to name a few. 

Adoption Support

Psychotherapy for Children

Adoption Support


We provide research based family therapy to adoptive families using an attachment centered practice. 

We provide adoption home study services.

We offer a wide variety of support groups for adoptive families. 

We accept DSHS adoption support funds.

Family Therapy

Psychotherapy for Adults

Adoption Support


Using an attachment based approach, we work to bring harmony back to your family.

Couples Therapy

Psychotherapy for Adults

Psychotherapy for Adults


Using a combination of the Gottman approach, EFT and attachment therapy we provide researched based therapy to couples.

Psychotherapy for Adults

Psychotherapy for Adults

Psychotherapy for Adults


We all hit bumps in the road in this life. Our diverse team of therapists  come with wide variety of approaches and skills to bring new perspectives, healing and support along the way. Some of our areas of expetise include DBT, CBT, mind/body integration, and trauma informed care. Our team comes with many combined years of experience with a wide breadth of training that we will use to tailor a individual plan for your care. 


Parent Coaching

Why a Parent Coach?

Parenting has changed 

Parenting today has changed dramatically from previous generations. In the past, most parents lived near their extended family and were able to receive guidance and support from experienced parents. Today’s parents often live across the country from their own families of origin leaving them to figure out all aspects of parenting for themselves. Without these critical benefits of living near extended family, parents must now turn to their community for the support they crave.

It's a different world. While every generation utters those words, the rapidly changing nature of modern life has shifted the skills our children need to thrive as adults. No longer are young adults entering the workforce and spending decades with the same employer, slowly moving up the ladder. The skills our children need to develop now are less about obedience and more about initiative as they shift employers and even careers multiple times in adulthood. Resilience, flexibility and self-discipline are critical to functioning in the workforce.

Even the way we use information has changed. No longer do children need to memorize vast amounts of data to have on hand. That information is now available right on our phones. Instead, we need to help our children develop critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills to navigate our diverse world.

Parent support provides today's parents with the tools and strategies needed to help their children build the critical life skills necessary for adulthood. 

Groups and Classes


Mr. and Miss Manners

Miss Manners will teach your child proper manners through a lovely teatime and snack

The Gift of ADD

Your child has received a diagnosis for ADD, so now what? Learn to celebrate the gift. Did you know Albert Einstein had and Michael Phelps have ADD? Different brains work different ways and we will learn about the joys of the ADD brain. 

We will explore strategies to enhance social skills, increase  emotion regulation, learn study skills and more.   

This group is for children ages 5-10. 

A Beautiful Mix

There are aspects of being a parent in a multiracial family that are unique. Whether your family is racially mixed through adoption or birth, you will find community here. We will share ideas about how to raise kids to integrate all aspects of who they are and develop a healthy, secure racial identity. 

We will share ideas on how to teach kids to deal with being targets of racism, when maybe we haven’t experienced it ourselves. 

The Science of Play

Come celebrate the Power of Play with us! Combining all that we know about attachment theory, child development and the powerful role of play in parenting we will learn how to use play to enhance your child’s learning, improve your relationship and use play as self care.

We will also enjoy a community of families with a potential for building lifelong friendships. 

Meditation and Mindfulness for Teens

Being a teen is HARD! Learning how to use mindfulness and breath can make it easier. 

Meditation and Mindfulness for Kids

Learn how to use your breath to tame the dragons, regulate emotions and bring your chill back.